Review Policy

Rating System

1 Butterfly=Just did not like it at all
2 Butterlies=It's ok, not really for me
3 Butterflies=It's alright, could be better
4 Butterflies=Really good
5 Butterflies=Totally & completely loved it!

For Authors and Publishers

Currently NOT accepting REVIEW REQUESTS but I am now booking guest posts, author interviews, book features, promos, cover reveals, and releases. Only accepting YA (young adult) genre books at this time.

I read and review Young Adult (YA) books. All my reviews are of my honest opinion, are written by me, and include the book cover, description, author/publisher/release date info and are generally posted on or as close to the release date as I can. ARCs are generally posted a few days before or on release date. All reviews are posted via this blog and Goodreads.

I accept pretty much anything within the Young Adult genre (YA)(paranormal, contemporary, dystopian, etc).

I don't accept bibliographies, religious books, or graphics (comics, mangas, etc).

♥I accept both Indie and Published authors
(To Indie, self-published authors, I will read your work as long as it's finished or close to finished, I hate reading drafts that aren't spell checked/proofed/edited, I'm not an editor, I want to enjoy what you've wrote instead of stumbling on all of the errors you may have, as a reader this is very frustrating.)
♥I am currently NOT accepting books for review- paperbacks/ARCs/hardback/finished copies/review copies. 

♥I am also open to author interviews, giveaways, tours, and cover reveals 

You can contact me at: (Jessica Peterson at hotmail dot ca)

Thank you for reading my review policy and considering sending me a request! :)

Page updated: November 27th/2013


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